Made You Look

Made You Look This poster series was a personal project to explore various typographic styles and techniques. Concept Work Sense Advertising The objective was to create different designs out of a single concept, while making sure that each poster would compliment the others. I had a lot of fun with this project, being able to […]

Lil’ French Drop

Lil’ French Drop Lil’ French Drop is a small batch wine from Rhône Valley, France. It caters to less experienced drinkers who are keen to explore different varieties in a social setting. Concept Work Sense Advertising The logo features a sans serif typeface with reshaped proportions – this captures the fun and adventurous nature of […]

San Marco

San Marco Driven to fulfill a husband’s lifelong dream, San Marco features a collection of boutique home sites located on a generations old family farm. The name itself is a nod to a memorable holiday the husband and wife once had in San Marco, Italy. Concept Work Sense Advertising The brand reflects the concept of […]

For Film’s Sake

For Film’s Sake For Film’s Sake is a not-for-profit organisation supporting women in the Film industry. Concept Work Sense Advertising Drawing inspiration from Soviet style propaganda posters, the logo mark is crafted with an expressive geometric shape. It serves as the main graphic device of the brand, symbolising awareness and activism. A vibrant colour palette […]

Maison Mabe

Maison Mabé Maison Mabé is a maternity brand that aims to shift the focus back to mothers. Their products contain quality organic ingredients designed especially for women and mums-to-be. Concept Work Sense Advertising The challenge was to create a visual language to be used across all product varieties. The design needed to differentiate one product […]